The materials we use to create your mural


Origin Digital Wallpaper

A latex saturated wet strength paper that can be used as indoor wall coverings and for short term outdoor banner applications, where strength is not required. Latex saturation and nylon make it more than just wet strength paper.

Latex/Nylon-reinforced, wet strength paper, 11  mil

228 g/m2

97% opacity

pigment inks recommended

economical alternative

accepts standard pastes

excellent water resistance in conjunction with pigmented inks.

Origin Digital Textured Wallpaper

Digital Textured Wallpaper is a premium non-woven wallpaper coated with a porous inkjet layer, which offers a good colour gamut and high scratch-resistance.

Large colour gamut and high colour rendering

high opacity for good covering

can cover small cracks in walls

easy to remove

can be applied with standard glue for non woven wallpaper.

240 g/m2

Both Original Digital and Original Digital use water Based Inks – Canon PFI701/702 Inks

Solvent Printing

Origin Satin Wallpaper 200g

Is a high quality non-woven wallpaper. It features a compatible inkjet coating with a satin finish, which is emphasised by high colour brilliance and scratch resistance.

Fast Drying times

High opacity for perfect coverage

Easy application with standard pastes

Excellent colour gamut and rendering

Solvent Inks – ECO SOLMAX and ECO SOLMAX2 Inks.

Measuring your wall

Decide which part of your wall your would like your wallpaper to cover.  Your mural/wallpaper may cover your whole wall or just part of it.

Partial Wall

If you only wish to cover part of your wall, simply decide the size you would like and choose the nearest size in our size options.

Full Wall

Measure the width of your wall from edge to edge and then the height of your wall from any cornices to skirting.

NB: we recommend you add an additional 3-5cm to height and width measurements to accommodate any variance.  Excesses can simply be trimmed on installation.

Handy Hints

If you are in any doubt add a little extra, it can always be trimmed without having an impact on the overall effect.  A mural that is too short cannot be filled.

Use a tape measure that is long enough to measure the wall in one go rather than have to add up measurements.

Repeat the measuring process so you can be absolutely certain you have it right.

Unusual Shaped Walls

Ensure you measure the highest and widest points on your wall and use these measurements. Excess can be trimmed.  Do consider where the details of your mural will fall to ensure you don’t end up with a large focal point being trimmed off.

Any questions, give us a call.

How to order

1. Choose the paper you would like for your mural


2. Choose the size of paper you need based on your measurements and click add cart


3. Check the details of your order in your basket and proceed to checkout


4. Complete your billing and contact details

Enter details

5. Click proceed to PayPal.  You will then be directed to PayPal where you can pay using your PayPal account or with a debit or credit card.


6. You will receive an email confirming your order and will be informed when your mural has been dispatched.

Preparing Your Wall

It is important that your wall is ready for a wall mural. Proper preparation will means that your mural will correctly adhere to the wall and reduce imperfections that could detract from your feature image.

The basic steps that we suggest are:

  • Remove any protruding fixings, hooks, fixtures and switches (use an electrician for any complex electrical work)
  • Remove any existing wall coverings / wallpaper using a wet sponge or steamer and scraper.
  • Remove any old residues that are left on your wall. Warm water with mild detergents can help this.
  • Remove flaky paint and repair other defects in the wall surface, nail holes etc.

Installing your wall paper




Handy Hints

  • Make sure your wall is clean and smooth, see our preparation guide
  • Ensure you have all the equipment you need to hand prior to starting your installation
  • We recommend you have 2 people for ease of installation
  • Your mural panels are supplied in numbered drops, like wallpaper. Check you’ve got them in the right order and they look right before you start.

Full hanging Instructions


Download full installation instructions